Popular Street Fighter V player Infiltration accused of domestic violence

Infiltration has been pulled from the Capcom Pro Tour, which is a Major Street Fighter V event.

Seon-woo “Infiltration” Lee is a popular South Korean Street Fighter V player, who has five Evolution Championship Series titles under his belt. Now he also has a controversy under his belt. Infiltration has been accused of domestic violence against his ex-wife prior to their divorce in September 2017.

The allegations came to light on Reddit on a post in r/LivestreamFail. In the post, a user with an alternate ID claimed that Infiltration had abused his wife, as well as destroyed her property. The user also uploaded an audio transcription which was showed in the court when Infiltration’s wife filed the case against him. The wife has asked for the transcription to be deleted due to Korea’s ‘Factual Libel” laws. She also mentioned that she had been threatened by the “other party’s lawyer” for the same. The transcription was still available on r/Kappa at the time of writing the article. Apparently, Infiltration’s wife had placed a recording device in their home without his knowledge. The transcription is of an audio recording of an alleged incident where Infiltration can be heard beating his wife and preventing her from calling the police.


— Korean Fighting Game Community News (@KFGC_News) September 22, 2018

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Infiltration’s wife won the case and a restraining order was immediately issued against him. But the  post also alleges that as soon as the restraining order expired, infiltration went back to her, assaulted her and destroyed her property.

The post also says that the real reason Infiltration is attending the TGS is to dodge his second trial.

According to the post, his wife had tweeted about herself winning the first trial against him. The tweet has now been deleted. The user has also provided the case number pertaining to domestic violence in his post.

With the ongoing investigation, Infiltration will not be competing at TGS this weekend https://t.co/qujAQU4Ztx

— Panda Global (@PandaGlobal) September 21, 2018

Panda Global, Infiltration’s team, tweeted that an investigation was ongoing and he would not be playing at TGS. Infiltration has not yet made a statement regarding the incident.

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