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Know More About the Frost Archer in Issue#1 of Ashe: Warmother

Where is the throne of Avarosa?

Join Ashe in this new and exciting comics by Marvel and League of Legends.

Ashe: Warmother explores the harsh childhood of the Frost Archer.

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The story starts with the current Ashe reminiscing about her younger days. The first thing we see is Ashe's skilled mother, Grena.

"She was the spear. She was the axe. She was my mother."

Prepare to dive in deep with the Freljord roots -- the Bloodsworn, the Iceborn, and everything in between. Will they be able to find the throne of Avarosa to turn their poor tribe into greatness?

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Ashe: Warmother features a compelling story and a great art style, woven together to create an exciting read for Summoners alike.

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This new project by League of Legends features a comic series exploring the lore of our beloved champions. This collaboration with Marvel has been announced a month ago, and the first champion that will be featured in the comic is Ashe.

According to Marvel's editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski, the extensive universe and lore of League of Legends characters is ideal for this graphic novel project.

“'League of Legends' is one of the most well-known games in the industry, and their unique world and extensive roster of rich characters and are a perfect fit for comic books. We’re excited to partner with Riot and help build the League of Legends Universe for fans and players around the world.”

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Ashe: Warmother will be the first full-length comic based on League of Legends. The comics will be a four-part series which will be published both in digital and physical copy.  The physical comic will be out come May 2019.

Issue#1 is available for reading online today!


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