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Jerax and Topson invited to President’s Castle

Jerax and Topson were invited to Finland’s President’s Castle on the country’s Independence Day.

Well, there’s finally some good news coming from the Dota 2 circuit. Jerax and Topson attended the formal celebration of Finland’s Independence Day at the President’s Castle. They were invited to the formal event officially and were even greeted along with other guests by the President himself.

Both of the players were part of OG this year - the team that won The International 8. The win gave OG prize money of more than $10 million. Since esports is officially recognized as a sport in Finland, Topson and Jerax became two of the highest paid athletes in Finland, hence the invitation.

The invitation to the Castle on Independence Day is considered a great honor in the Finnish society, in a tradition which began in 1919. Since then, various athletes and stars have been invited and attended the event.

Last year, even though Team Liquid won the tournament and Matumbaman (who is also from Finland) was a part of it, he was not invited to the castle. On learning about the invitation, he said on his stream:

“This year Jerax and Topson got invited for winning TI, and I did not (referring to TI7). It kind of feels bad because the only recognition that I would ever wish for from Finland is to invite to this *expletives* party to shake my President’s hand. I don’t care about some *expletives* sports gala that they invite me to. I don’t give a shit if esports is sports or not. I don’t need this prize but I want to be in the President’s Castle just once in my life. And you know what kind of a missed opportunity this is? It’s big. Hence in need to win TI once more. That’s my only motivation.”


MN | Rudraaksh

MN | Rudraaksh

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