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More K-Pop Themed Skins? Artist Draws More K/DA Skins to Life

Who says the phenomenal girl group should just be limited to four?

This fanart creates a new set of K/DA skins for our favorite female champions!

Welcome the new members to the club.

Photo taken from Zhen YH's artstation page

Following the popularity of virtual girl group K/DA, Taiwan-based concept artist Shen YH recently drew some concepts for what might be the next skin line-up.

We got K/DA Miss Fortune, K/DA Riven, K/DA Lux, and K/DA Syndra.

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The fanart used the same clothing style K/DA has been known for, which is mainly based on Korean pop music.

In a short message on his artstation page, Shen reveals his love for the MOBA game.

“I’m a big fan of League of Legends and K/DA. So I chose some of my favorite champion – Miss Fortune, Riven, Lux, and Syndra, try to make their K/DA fan skin.
Let them become superstars!
Hope you like it!”

To the writing of this article, the original post has gotten 646 likes and 12, 403 views.

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Check out Shen YH’s artstation page here, where he also posted a back view and a detailed sketch of each character’s weapon and accessory.

What the fans are saying

Since the Internet is literally craving for more K/DA content, a lot of Summoners felt great towards Shen’s concept art.

Alexandra Mirka, an illustrator and also a concept artist, expressed her fondness towards the drawings.

“Amazing, I love how you kept their essence and just rolled with the concept. Great work!”

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Another artist, Deni Prakoso, specifically commented on one aspect of the pieces.

“Wow! You really captured the k-pop personalities on these!”

Will we be seeing more of these K/DA fan art in the future?


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