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Riot Heard Us: Neon K/Da Akali Now Added to the Original Skin!

Everyone just can't get over the bad-ass neon Akali.

Great news for Akali lovers! The K/DA Akali skin has been updated due to a very insistent request by summoners all over the world.


The skin now features neon Akali. This updated version will be available for free if you have already purchased K/DA Akali. The neon version, as seen in the Pop
/Stars music video, will appear while the assassin is inside her shroud.

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Everyone who is a K/DA fan is if course delighted by this news, since the update comes for free, without any additional costs.

The K/DA Fever

League of Legends players, K-pop fans, and just people who got smitten by K/DA has been obsessing and raving about the girl group.

We've been seeing amazing fanarts not just of the whole group but of K/DA Akali, which is obviously a fan favorite. We absolutely love Ramzy Kamen's fan art of Akali!

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Aside from an official tutorial by Soyeon and Miyeon of (G)-I-DLE, there were also dance covers circling around social media. Have you seen League of Legends darling Sjokz dance to Pop/Stars?

As of writing, the K/DA Pop/Stars music video has garnered 35 million views in 6 days. The music video has also been on the trending chart for quite some time now.

"Both K-Pop fans and LoL players are amazed by this, but also many who are neither. A combo of great animation, music, and design. ISTG this will go down as one of the best marketing moves in history."
-InSomnia Cheshire on the Pop/Stars Music Video on YouTube

Riot Games has even made a Spotify artist account for the girl group, now with about 500,000 monthly listeners.

If this keeps up, will we be seeing a new member come to the group?


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