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Easter Eggs and Trivia: 8 Things You Probably Didn't Know About K/DA

We just can't get enough of K/DA! Here are some Easter eggs and trivias you probably didn't know about our favorite League of Legends girl group.

[1] Kai'Sa was the one who made Akali's mask.

Photo taken from Ramzy Kamen's Twitter account (@ramzykamen)

In a short interview by PopRox, Akali reveals that Kai'Sa spray-painted the-now iconic mask Akali wore during the Pop/Stars music video.

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And due to insistent public demand, this wonderful neon effect is now available in K/DA Akali's initial release!

Excluding her default costume, Star Guardian and Pop Star clothes were spotted in the first few moments of our foxy diva.  

Check out the detergent that she's using too –  we heard it will make your clothes smell like summer.

[3] Have you spotted these train posters on the Pop/Stars MV?

In case you failed to notice, most of the Easter eggs in the music video came in the form of posters.

In this image, we can see an advertisement of Pizza Delivery Girl Sivir hung up near the right window.

Just a little closer near the right seat is a poster of the latest Worlds music video, Rise.

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[4] K/DA is now on Spotify!

Riot Games has made a separate Spotify artist account for our lovely girls instead of adding Pop/Stars to its existing League of Legends account. Is this a major hint for future releases?

[5] Pop/Stars is the sixth music video Riot has made for a skin/champion.

Photo taken from universe.leagueoflegends.com

Past League of Legends MVs include Varus: As We Fall, Pentakill: Mortal Reminder, Burning Bright, The Curse of the Sad Mummy, and Get Jinxed.

With the views that we're getting right now, Pop/Stars might eventually turn as the most viewed music video in LoL history!

[6] The epic Akali rap scene was made with the help of motion capture.

(G)I-DLE girls Soyeon and Miyeon flew from Korea to America to film some parts of the Pop/Stars music video. Akali's black light scene particularly in the music video was based on Soyeon's actual moves!

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[7] Pentakill, DJ Sona, and K/DA are all in the same universe.

According to Riot Games's Lead Skins Writer Jared Rosen, the three musical skins Pentakill, DJ Sona, and K/DA all belong in the same universe. It's going to be a matter of time now before these three perform a collaboration!

[8] The K/DA skins have been the most difficult line-up Riot artists have ever created.

In one of the interviews for Ask Riot, producer IAmCarlos reveals the hardships they've faced in making K/DA a reality.

Photo taken from the League of Legends NA website
We had to do a ton of research and tried many different designs, and applied a massive amount of feedback and revisions. With these, the concept artists (the true heroes on this thematic, really), went through over 70 different design iterations to make sure the skins looked awesome in game while paying homage to the genre.


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