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KL Major cast complete, Dreamleague Minor next in line

15 out of the 16 slots in the KL Major has already been decided through the main qualifier. The last slot will be coming from the Dreamleague Minor, whose open qualifier will be starting tomorrow.

Teams had to try to shake off all the rust they have acquired from the post-season, and there was little room for errors as the main qualifier is an unforgiving and short tournament. While some favorites were able to clinch their spots, there has also been numerous upsets in the regionals.

These are the fifteen teams who don't have to play the upcoming Dreamleague Minors because of their qualification for this event. Playing in the Major is a guaranteed payout of 10,000 USD and 75 DPC points, going to as high as 350,000 USD and 4,950 DPC points for the champion.



SEA is the last qualifier to finish, but action definitely was in no shortage here. Most of the rosters are a mix-up from what we saw last season, but the top two seeds remain dominant as they were last season.

TNC (Gabby, Armel, Kuku, Tims, ninjaboogie) and Fnatic (MP, Abed, iceiceice, DJ, Jabz) took the two slots given to the region after dominating performances. Both didn't drop a game until the UB finals, where Fnatic earned a 2-1 victory.

TNC had to grind another 2-1 victory against Lotac, a team who has two players who have before played for the team. The surprise in this qualifier is the early exit of Mineski, one of SEA's big three together with this two, after a mediocre performance which saw them exiting 5/6th place.


After a strong performance in the recent TI, the NA region has earned three slots for this Major. The two big favorites, Evil Geniuses (Arteezy, Sumail, S4, Crit-, Fly) and Forward Gaming (Resolution, Yawar, Universe, MSS, SVG), were both able to advance through the upper bracket, but they have to work for their wins. Both teams had to fight back a 0-1 deficit in the UB semifinals.

The third team to qualify is open qualifier team Marchoutofarmy, a strong stack composed of Moo, Bryle, forev, Milan, and March. Their biggest challenge outside of the top two is direct-invite Complexity. The latter played the qualifier with Fear as their stand-in as Skem from the Philippines wasn't able to arrive in time due to visa issues.


Virtus.Pro (fn, noone, Ramzes, Rodger, Solo) remains on top of the region as they take one of the two slots allocated to the CIS region. It is all the more impressive because they have to play with a stand-in and switch roles a bit because their offlane Pasha is on his honeymoon.

Claiming the second slot is another open qualifier team, this time an All-Russian squad called ferzee (Daxak, Afoninje, Afterlife, KingR, VANSKOR). They had a great run after finishing 0-2 in the group stage as they progressed all the way from the lowest point of the lower bracket, gradually improving as they go.

The surprise of the qualifier is the dismal exit of Winstrike who sports the same roster they fielded in TI not long ago. They had a good group stage showing, only to bomb out with two straight series losses in the playoffs. They are the only direct invite team to fall outside the top four in this qualifier.


Three slots are in for Europe, and notably missing was the Champion OG who wants to take a break from playing. Taking advantage were Team Secret (Nisha, MidOne, Zai, Yapzor, Puppey) and the newly-picked up Ninjas in Pyjamas (Ace, Fata, 33, Saksa, ppd) who took the top two slots in the region.

Taking third is the Alliance squad (qojqva, miCKe, Boxi, iNSaNiA, Taiga), who had a strong playoff run after defeating NIP 2-0 in the first round of the UB and was actually the only team to score a map against Secret. The EU qualifier is only one of the two whose Major qualified teams came from directly invited qualifier teams.

The biggest upset in this qualifier is the fall of TI6 Champion Team Liquid into 5th/6th place. They were knocked out in the second round of the lower bracket of a team they have previously defeated in the group stage. They also had convincing losses against the top two teams in this qualifier.


China was the first qualifier to finish, with TI8 runner-up LGD (Ame, Somnus, Chalice, fy, xNova) overcoming a shaky start to still finish on top of the qualifier. They only finished second in groups, but eventually was able to grind 2-1 wins in their final two series to take seed 1.

Taking second is another team who has a TI runner-up, Vici Gaming (Paparazi, Ori, Yang, Fade, Dy). They won all of their upper bracket series before the grand finals to earn their slot. The last team to advance is the strong stack Team Aster (Sylar, Dstones, Xxs, Boboka, Fenrir) who had to go the open qualifier, as they edged out Serenity in both the groups and the playoffs.

Aside from Serenity, also making an early exit is the reformed Newbee. They had a strong 2-0 group stage performance, but they, like Liquid, bombed out after two consecutive playoff losses.

The region had the most competitive qualifier playoffs, with the LB finals, UB finals, and grand finals being 2-1 despite them being non-bearing for qualification.


The story of South America is Pain Gaming dominance. The two teams advancing are Pain Gaming (hfn, w33, Tavo, Kingrd, Misery) and PainX (Ritsu, CCnC, 4dr, FrancisLee, Liposa), with the two teams head-and-shoulders above the competition.

Infamous, one of the organization's biggest rival in the region, dropped out early. The biggest challenger was Peruvian open-qualifier team Thunder Predator, but they eventually lost to painX 1-2.

Non-bearing matches

The KL major qualifier had "seeding-only" matches, meaning both teams have already qualified for the event and are just playing for how they are going to be seeded. Because of the nature of the game, some teams are taking it easy on these kinds of games making up for moments like this:
The China region showed that these could still be played seriously. What do you think? Should organizers still have non-bearing matches, or do you think these should be omitted? Let us know in the comments!

The Kuala Lumpur Major is a US$1M tournament which will be held in the Axiata Arena in Malaysia this coming November. 15,000 Pro Circuit Points are up for grabs, and many of the top teams are expected to have a LAN debut of their roster here.

15 out of 16 slots in the Major has already been decided. However, there is still a chance for others - winning the Dreamleague minor scheduled in Stockholm a week before this event. Registration is currently ongoing, and the open qualifier will start tomorrow. You can read more about it here.

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