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The Kuala Lumpur Major seems to have a lot of issues

From no access to drinking water, sub-par sound system and no booths for players, the complaints just kept pouring in

The Kuala Lumpur Major was hyped a lot when it was announced. It is the first Major of the DPC season. Premium tier Dota 2 tournaments in the region are pretty rare, no wonder it had such a huge turnout as well.

But if the posts on Reddit are anything to go by, apart from the matches, the tournament is pretty lackluster and does not live up to the hype.

In a Reddit post by alpacadaver, he says that there was no water available at the venue. None was provided by the organizers as well - just some energy drinks. He also revealed that all the water and food was confiscated by the security at the entrance.

"This is borderline inhumane", he said.

Another user revealed that there were no booths for the players at the Major. Some users voiced their concerns over the advantages that the players might get from caster calls, draft analysis and the noise from the audience.

There also seems to be problems in the venue's sound system as well. In post on Reddit, banubanubanu revealed that he was sitting in the 'Immortal' area and the sound was 'unintelligible'.

Medickal_assist posted about his whole experience at the Major, saying, "I cant help but think that PGL did an underwhelming job for this major."

Other than the issues mentioned above, he also complained about the seating plans:

"I am a Divine ticket holder and to be honest, I feel scammed. Ancient ticket holders get accessed to a larger screen and (somewhat) better audio due to their position in the venue. Besides, the potentially lucky draw to buy a gaming chair at a cheap price (which never happened cuz it sold out before noon), there's literally no difference. The quality of the seats are the same, the amount of space is the same, the position of the seats are pretty awkward, the audio is crap. So why am I paying double the amount for Divine when I can get the same from Ancient tickets?
I don't like to compare, but ESL did it better during Genting. Everyone had a goodie bag and a lanyard, though the higher tiers obviously had more stuff. Their seatings also differed, higher priced tickets gets comfy sofa chairs and armrests. You pay what you get.
The only major difference between Immortal tier and Divine tier is the extra goodie bag and lanyard, and getting to sit closer to the stage, by that I meant 1 floor below the Ancient seatings (they are at 2nd floor). What's the point then?"
"I'm really thirsty and uncomfortable in the venue, and I'm really annoyed when leaving in or out the venue. I'm sure most ticket holders feel the same. PGL pls fix."

But it seems like PGL is now taking steps to improve the experience. A PGL rep replied to banubanubanu's post, saying that they had re-done the audio at the venue overnight, users have also reported that water is now being allowed into the venue.

There also seems to be a case of plagiarism in the merch stand

CaptRigel posted on Reddit that one of his friends' art was being used at the Kuala Lumpur Major without his permission. He said that he had informed his friend about this.

Source: Reddit

A representative from eGG network commented:

"We just saw this. We are checking with the engaged design agency regarding this artwork.
As creators ourselves, we do not endorse plagiarism on any level. If at fault, we will take full responsibility and arrange proper intellectual property procedures with the owner.
We will reach out to the designer of this artwork once we investigate further."

Redeye also had something to say about the whole issue.

He tweeted that PGL wasn't responsible for the issues, rather it were the partners there.

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