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Kuala Lumpur Major Playoffs day 1 recap

The SEA giants, Tigers, have been eliminated

The playoffs of Kuala Lumpur Major have started, and yesterday was the first day. With some surprising outcomes in the group stage, the Major is off to an exciting start. Here is what went down on the first day of playoffs:

Upper Bracket

Secret vs Vici:

The opening match of the day was the chance for Vici to to get their revenge from Team Secret, where they lost to them in the ESL One Hamburg Grand Finals after forcing full five games. But Secret denied the, their revenge. The first game was a complete stomp by Secret. They overran Vici, ending the match in 27 minutes with a score of 34-15. The second game was a bit towards Vici's favor but Secret nonetheless managed to protect MidOne's Phantom Lancer and win the match, thus taking the series.

PSG.LGD vs Alliance:

The next series saw PSG.LGD take on Alliance. Both the matches were complete stomps by LGD. They completely shut off Alliance in the first game, with Ame not being able to secure a single kill even though he was a carry. The second game saw LGD pick an unconventional draft; fy picked a support Chaos Knight with Aghanim's Scepter which he used on Ame's Terrorblade. The match lasted 30 minutes with a score of 31-13.

Lower Bracket (Bo1)

paiN Gaming vs TNC Predators

You know you must never let a Southeast Asian player pick Huskar. Yet that is what paiN did exactly - they let Armel pick Huskar. The result? In this Bo1, TNC predators steamrolled paiN Gaming. Armel had 0 deaths and paiN gaming only managed 4 kills against Predators' 23.

Tigers vs paiN X

Source: Screenshot from Liquidpedia

The next match was between paiN's sister team and TNC Predators' former sister team. And the result was quite the opposite. paiN X defeated the DreamLeague Minor champions, courtesy to CCnC's amazing play on Venomancer. Their win was quite the surprise.


MN | Rudraaksh

MN | Rudraaksh

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