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Kuala Lumpur Major Playoffs day 2 recap

Aster gets eliminated, Solo carries Virtus.Pro to victory.

The day 2 of Kuala Lumpur Major saw two more teams being eliminated, with Team Aster being eliminated in a massive upset. Here is the recap for the day and buy was it a weird day:

Upper Bracket

EG vs NiP

The opening series of the day went to a full three games. The first game went really well for EG. Sumail got Ember Spirit and proved why he is called the king of mid lane. He destroyed Fata's Alchemist, and carried his momentum through the game. He managed to get 19 kills and had only 1 death. This match was a complete stomp and EG won with a score of 30-12.

The second match was a completely different story. Puppey outdrafted EG with counters for Sumail's Queen of pain. Due to Saksa's rotation with Keeper of the Light, Fata's Dragon Knight won the Mid Lane. Saksa carried the momentum and got 12 kills for 1 death. Ninjas in Pyjamas stomped the match 29-9.

The second game saw Fata's Templar Assassin dominating Sumail's Mirana in the mid lane. Also, Mind_Control, who was the Standin for NiP got his signature Earthshaker. All in all, EG were destroyed again, with a score of 43-12.

NiP won the series 2-1.

Virtus.Pro vs Fnatic

The first game started off with a greedy draft by Fnatic: Broodmother, Terrorblade and Invoker in one game. Maybe they were planning for the late game, which would have been a problem for VP had the three heroes farmed up. But as history and stories tell us, greed is bad. VP ended the match in 30 minutes with a score of 23-8.

In the second match, VP started off with a wrong click. Solo misclicked and picked Drow Ranger, and 9Pasha was forced to play a support Brewmaster. Solo's lane did not go well, but the Drow strat proved useful for Ramzes's Mirana and No[o]ne's Invoker. They were going strong, and Solo's losing his lane did not matter much. VP won the game 29-17, thus taking the series 2-0.

Lower Bracket:

J.Storm vs Aster

J.Storm, who are the underdogs of this tournament, delivered a massive upset after they eliminated the Chinese team which looked promising. The match was a back and forth between the two, each of them securing massive team fights. But J.Storm's Timbersaw had become monstrous. Moo had 22 kills on his Timbersaw which translated into a victory, and Aster's Elimination.

Gambit vs Forward Gaming

If you thought what happened with VP was crazy, wait till you get to know that Gambit ran a solo mid Dazzle. The strategy, needless to say, did not work well. Forward Gaming won easily with a score of 36-16.

MN | Rudraaksh

MN | Rudraaksh

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