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Kuala Lumpur Major playoffs day 4 recap

EG and TNC have made it to the Top 6, only one Chinese team remains in the Major

The Kuala Lumpur Major has almost come to an end. The fourth day saw the lower brackets team fight to remain in the tournament and to secure a top 6 finish at the least. Here is the days' recap:

TNC Predator vs Vici Gaming

Vici Gaming were the favorites to win this match up, but TNC proved that nothing will hold them back (not even the recent controversy). Starting from the lower bracket, they had worked hard to come to this point. The first game saw a surprise Lycan pick by TNC; this hero hasn't been in the meta for a long time now. The game seemed to go TNC's way, with them maintaining the gold lead well into the late-mid game. They even took the first two Roshan kills. But tide soon turned when it was time to take Vici's barracks. The crowd favorites put up a strong defense, and Vici's Arc Warden split pushed with his tempest double. The third Roshan went Vici's way, and they defeated TNC in a single siege.

In the second match, it was Vici who came out with a surprise pick of Lifestealer. The laning stage was rough for TNC, with Kuku's Earthshaker dying multiple times in the lane. Gabbi managed to build a radiance in 19 minutes, and dying only once and racking up 15 kills proved instrumental in TNC's victory. But the game was won when Kuku landed a 3 man Echo Slam, which enabled TNC to take highground easily.

The third game was won in the drafting stage when TNC drafted a Faceless Void lineup along with an Elder Titan and a Phoenix. This much control proved too hard for Vici to handle, and TNC won the game, in turn winning the series 2-1.

EG vs Fnatic

The first game in the series was fairly close. EG dominated the laning stage with a gold advantage for 20 minutes. That too when Fnatic had an Alchemist on their side. During the midgame, FNatic became active and started looking for fights. Even though they were pretty even, a few favourable trades and their ability to protect Arteezy pushed the game in their favour. EG won the game with a score of 24-26 in the favour of Fnatic.

The second game had a fairly close early game. Sumail had a comfort pick on Mirana. 20 minutes into the game, EG killed off 4 from Fnatic's team. This gave them the momentum they needed and Arteezy made his Terrorblade into a beast. EG won with a 40k gold advantage with the score of 34-16.

MN | Rudraaksh

MN | Rudraaksh

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