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All-Star 2018 - Full List of League of Legends Players and Personalities

An epic battle featuring our favorite summoners...

The All-Star 2018 is starting!

Photo taken from lolesports Twitter account (@lolesports)

The Stars

The annual League of Legends All-Star 2018 is about to open this weekend. Our favorite pro players, streamers, and personalities are set to face off on the All-Star stage in various formats and modes.

Here is the complete list of attending players for LOL All-Star 2018.

North America: Doublelift, Sneaky, Licorice, Imaqtpie, Voyboy, Shiphtur, Hai, BunnyFuFuu, NightBlue3, LuxeBunny

Photo taken from lolesports Twitter account (@lolesports)

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Europe: Caps, Broxah, Jiizuke, Wickd, NoWay, GoB GG, Alexelcapo, Gripex

LPL: Uzi, MLXG, Rookie, Luo Yunxi, Guan Zong, JieZou, Godlike, Zhou Shuyi, Sao Nan, Fire Loli

Korea: Faker, Bang, Peanut, Watch, Madlife, Captain Jack, Shy, Bitdory

Photo taken from SK Telecom 1 Twitter account (@sktelecom_t1)

Turkey: Dumbledoge, Broken Blade, Immortoru, KFCEatbox

Brazil: BrTT, Rakin, YoDa, Jukes

Vietnam: Artifact, Zeros, QTV, Misthy

LMS: Maple, Westdoor, NL, Bebe

SEA: G4, Rockky, Riku

Latin America South: Tierwulf, Plugo, Capri, Lastpick

Latin America North: Seiya, Arce, Reubenmaster, Ness

CIS: Kira, DiamondProx, FlashInTheNight

Japan: Evi, Ceros, Sutanmi

Oceania: Triple, Pabu, Midbeast

Did your faves made it to the official list?

The All-Star 2018 will be happening from December 6 to December 8, 2018 at the Esports Arena in Las Vegas, USA.

Here's the schedule for the three-day event:

Photo taken from lolesports Twitter account (@lolesports)

The formats

Five different formats are up for the League of Legends All Star 2018.

1v1 tournament: The 32 participating professional players will compete in this tournament. It's every man for himself, as only one will remain standing in the end. Can they take the Draven axe away from back-to-back champion Uzi?

Photo taken from League of Legends NA website

Charity 2v2 tournament: In this format, a pro player and a regional guest will be teamed up to play for charity. Whoever wins gets to pick a charity of their choice.

East vs West Showdown: Oh, it's on! East vs West will last three matches featuring a rotation of pro players. Riot tells us to "watch out for a surprise ending." Thoughts?

Regional Rivalry Showmatches: Ready to see your favorite rivalries heat up the Rift?

Taken from NA League of Legends website

Mixed Team Alternate Modes: From URF, Tandem Mode, and Nexus Blitz – the All-Star 2018 has got you covered.

The rewards

Watching the League of Legends All-Star 2018 will earn you exclusive in-game content! Just watch the game on watch.lolesports.com to get an All-Star icon (watch at least one match of All-Star on any one day) or an All-Star Super Fan emote (watch at least 12 matches of All-Star).


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