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League of Legends to Stop Windows XP and Vista Support Come 2019

We're bidding goodbye to some old friends next year.

Farewell, XP and Vista support.

Riot Games says goodbye in supporting early Windows softwares.

American video game developer Riot Games has announced that it will discontinue its League of Legends support for softwares Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Photo taken from League of Legends NA website (na.leagueoflegends.com)

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In an announcement article posted by Riot Cactopus, Riot Games explains the reason behind their move.

Microsoft itself no longer supports Windows XP or Windows Vista with security updates. It's getting harder every day for us to maintain a secure League of Legends experience for the very small number of League players still using XP, requiring a disproportionate investment from our engineering teams.

Riot Games's data shows that under 1 percent of League of Legends players are still using Windows XP, an even lesser percentage for Vista. This simply denotes that a few summoners will be affected by the change.

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To ensure that these users are aware of the change, Riot Games will post reminders before discontinuing support.

If you're running one of the impacted operating systems, we'll hit you with a pop-up notification in the League client to remind you to upgrade.

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Patch 9.9 will be the final patch which will support Windows XP and Windows Vista players.

Summoners are advised to upgrade to modern versions of Windows softwares, taking in Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 in consideration.

League of Legends won't be available for Windows XP and Windows Vista users starting patch 9.10, coming on May 14, 2019.


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