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Gong Xi Fa Cai! The 2019 Lunar Revel Skins Are Here!

Celebrate new year, the Chinese way with these fresh skins.

Which one will you pick to commemorate this event?

Spend some of your Riot Points in these lucky skins!

Welcome 2019 with a bang, featuring Tahm Kench, Sejuani, and Vayne.

Photo taken from Surrender at 20 (surrenderat20.net)

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League of Legends has recently revealed its upcoming new year skin line-up for 2019. The Lunar Revel 2019 skins features the river king Tahm Kench, the night hunter Vayne, and the fury of the north Sejuani.

Firecracker Vayne features our AD dressed in a traditional red and gold Chinese clothing. Her silver bolts and crossbow has been transformed into a whole, golden pig which matches 2019's Chinese calendar.

Firecracker Vayne's splash art has been implemented as the Lunar Revel 2019 login screen.

A prestige edition of Firecracker Vayne is available, with the hunter dressed in white and gold, hair, clothes and all.

Photo taken from Surrender at 20 (surrenderat20.net)

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Sejuani also comes in red and gold, with this fury riding a gigantic boar. Bristle has been transformed into a domesticated pig, adorned with luck Chinese ornaments.

Photo taken from Surrender at 20 (surrenderat20.net)

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Aside from these two feisty ladies, we also have Coin Emperor Kench, which looks like he's been based on China's Money frog.

Photo taken from Surrender at 20 (surrenderat20.net)

TK's recall lets out mini bamboo steamers with all kinds of dumplings you can imagine. Yum!

Hearts Day comes after Lunar Revel

The PBE has also begun testing two lovely skins, Heartbreaker Vi and Heartpiercer Fiora.

Which of these six new skins will you be purchasing?


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