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A New Support Champion? League of Legends Shares 2019 Plans

"2019 is here and the new season is just getting started."

We are so excited for these upcoming changes and content by Riot Games!

This year is going to be awesome for Summoners.

Riot Games has decided to tease us a little bit about what's about to happen for the next few days as a new era begins.

Ultra Rapid Fire

Everyone's favorite game mode, Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) is getting some changes soon. Will this fun game mode turn into something more interesting for Summoners?

Photo taken from mobafire

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Riot also confirms it has future plans for its other game modes.

League of Legends x Marvel Comics

Riot Games and Marvel's comic collaboration is also still in the works, as Ashe: Warmother is already on its second issue.

Photo taken from universe.leagueoflegends.com

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Which champion will we be seeing at the book stands next?

Worlds 2019

As the new ranked season starts, we will soon be finding out the venue of the League of Legends World Championship Finals 2019 (Worlds 2019).

Photo taken from lolesports' Twitter account (@lolesports)

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The reveal will also include the location of the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational (MSI), and a preview of the next Versus event.

A new support champion for 2019?

The judicator Kayle and the fallen angel Morgana will both have their respective reworks throughout the course of 2019.

Screenshot taken from League of Legends' YouTube account

There will also be returning skin lines, such as the ever-popular Star Guardians skins.

Finally, a new support champion is coming our way. Any guesses on the champ's abilities?

Screenshot taken from League of Legends' YouTube account

League of Legends has built a microsite for its season 2019 reveals, wherein everyday an update will be posted for all Summoners to see. View the League of Legends Season 2019 microsite here.


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