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League 2019 Ranked Season Adds Two New Tiers, Iron and Grandmaster

The League of Legends competitive days are back!

Ambitious days call for ambitious plays.

Welcome in a new ranking system for 2019.

We've got a few changes for ranked season this year.

Photo taken from League of Legends NA website (na.leagueoflegends.com)

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This year, a provisional rank will pop up after completing your first placement game. The provisional rank will only go up, as you can't lose LP during placements.

After eight placement games in a position (ten games in Flex queue), you’ll get a starting rank. New accounts get seeded at the bottom of the ladder with a fresh opportunity to climb.

As announced earlier by Riot Games, this season will be divided into three splits, wherein a player can earn Split Points to unlock on split-specific rewards. A good reflection of your Split Points would be your Ranked Armor, which evolves according to your rank and achievements. The first Split ends mid-April this year.

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Photo taken from League of Legends NA website (na.leagueoflegends.com)

The biggest news in this patch would be the two new additional tier in the ranking system – Iron and Grandmaster.

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Now, tiers come in four divisions instead of the usual five.

With fewer divisions and more tiers, your rank more accurately reflects your skill and improvement.

Here is the ranking of each tier, from lowest to highest:


There's also this thing called Position Ranks, which is already live on Korean and North American servers for the first Ranked Split. Basically, each of the five positions (top lane/tank/bruiser, mid lane/APC, bottom lane, support, jungler) will be having an equivalent ranked and position. Are you good at supporting but suck at mid-lane? Then your position rank might be higher when it comes to taking the support role!

The League of Legends 2019 Ranked Season starts on January 24, 2019. GLHF, Summoners!

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