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A Golden Spatula? Here's What's New in the Return of ARURF+ 2019

Our beloved Ultra Rapid Fire has been reimagined.

Let's admit it – League of Legends' All Random Ultra Rapid Fire is fun as heck, with all its reduced cooldowns and infinite mana. When you just want to take a break from the serious normal games, ARURF is the mode to go.

This year, Riot Games made some tweaks to make everyone's favorite game mode more enjoyable than ever.

Here are the changes you need to know.

The humongous golden catapult

The spell "Teleport"has been removed in this game mode. In its place is a huge golden catapult located near each team's Nexus Obelisk.

Photo taken from surrenderat20.net

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The new catapult launches your champion to almost anywhere in the map! Just click on the catapult, help your champion in, and click on your target location to get there in just seconds.

Faster DR and BR spawns

The two most important jungle objectives, Elder Dragon and Baron Nashor, now spawns faster than the normal game.

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If your team is on the losing side in the middle of the game, killing any of the two might give you some player advantage.

The Golden Spatula Club

For 1250 RP, you can get a slight advantage and additional flairs for ARURF+ 2019.

Photo taken from surrenderat20.net

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By signing up for the Golden Spatula Club, members will get: (1) a random individual skin boost for each game; (2) an additional reroll in the champion pick apart from the existing two rerolls; (3) three new randomized champion finishers; and (4) special minion taunts.

The ARURF+ event runs for a week, from January 29, 2019 to March 4, 2019.


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