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League of Legends Season 2019 'Awaken' Features Visually Stunning Animation

We can’t get over this new cinematic from League of Legends.

Awaken, it’s the start of a new era.

A deadly masterpiece unfolds. A lone resistance made whole. A chance to come alive.

MOBA game League of Legends has always been popular with its cinematics. The short clips that Riot Games produce most often than not features a smooth animation and stunning visuals partnered with a compelling story.

Photo taken from League of Legends Spanish Twitter account (@lol_es)

This year, Summoners are welcomed by ‘Awaken,’ the latest League of Legends cinematic. The three-minute video features our favorite champions in their respective lore locations. ‘Awaken’ shows the members of the League, with moments that show their awakening state.

The champions featured in the League of Legends 2019 cinematic ‘Awaken’ in order of their appearance are: Jhin, Draven, Irelia, Camille, Riven, Sion, Karma, Akali, Yasuo, and Kennen.

Riot does it again, this time with a collaboration from Philadelphia-based singer and songwriter Valerie Broussard. Broussard’s voice gave life to season 2019’s opening song, co-written by the Riot Music Team and Alex Seaver of Mako.

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Broussard’s music has been used in some popular TV showssuch as ‘Lucifer,’ ‘Pretty Little Liars,’ and Marvel’s ‘Inhumans.’

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Past League of Legends Cinematics.

With ‘Awaken’ being the latest LOL cinematic out there, we’ve been audio-visually fed by Riot Games with their past cinematic.

‘A New Dawn,’ which is the longest LOL cinematic, was released four years ago and has now 42 million views on YouTube.

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We also have ‘A Twist of Fate,’ which was release back in 2013 now has 45 million views.

Watch season 2019’s cinematic, ‘Awaken’ (ft. Valerie Vroussard) here:


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