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PSA: Faker is Now Officially on Twitter

Welcome to the Twitterverse, Faker!

The most popular professional League of Legends player finally joins the tweet party.

Get your accounts and start tweeting @Faker!

SKT Telecom 1's mid-laner Lee Sang-hyeok a.k.a. Faker is now more reachable to the public! The League of Legends player has just made his way on to Twitter today.

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Faker's first ever tweet was a photo with a caption in Korean. The caption translates to "Hi. T1 Faker I created a Twitter account to meet a lot of fans. Please support me a lot in the future!!! I'll try to give you good news. :D"

The tweet comes with a photo of Faker and Philadelphia Fusion's Tucker (TastyBLT), both in a "number one" pose.

Photo taken from Faker's Twitter account (@Faker)

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His second tweet is in English, which goes by this message:
"Hello, this is my new official Twitter page. I joined so I can talk to our amazing fans that cheer us on around the world! I’m very excited for the future of my team @sktelecom_t1

We will continue to work hard to win and make the fans proud. I hope you will keep supporting us!"

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The account has already been made in January this year, but only became active today as Faker made his first few tweets.

Faker goes by the Twitter handle @Faker, and has currently 7,000 followers as of the writing of this article.

Go give our favorite mid-laner a shoutout on Twitter! Click here to tweet to Faker!


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