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Russia Has Just Launched An All-Female League of Legends Team

Girl power!

Get to know these lovely ladies who are set to take the Summoner's Rift by storm.

Vaevictis Esports launches an all-girl group for League of Legends.

Russian League of Legends LCL team Vaevictis Esports has just revealed their newest investment – an all-female team roster for competitive League of Legends gaming.

Photo taken from Vaevictis Esports' Instagram account (@vaevictismedia)

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This is a first in continental League where everyone will see and witness a full girl-group play in the Rift. Here are our ladies, their roles, and a brief information about them.

TR1GGERED (top laner)

Photo taken from Diana's Instagram account (@tr1ggered)

Diana "TR1GGERED" Ivanchenko is Vaevictis Esports' girl when it comes to the top lane. She seems to have a liking for her in-game namesake, which Ivanchenko has just recently cosplayed.

Merao (jungler)

Photo taken from Aida's Instagram account (@miomerao)

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Two things you need to know about Aida "Merao" Kazaryan? She's into dogs and tattoos!

VioletFairy (mid laner)

Photo taken from Elena's Instagram account (@lenaakoooval)

Do you love using Katarina in the middle lane? Why, Elena does too! Vaevictis' mid-laner Elena "VioletFairy" Koval has also cosplayed the Sinister Blade a few days ago.

When asked about her views on other teams, she confidently answered that Vaevictis Esports is stronger than the others in the Summer Split.

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Trianna (ADC)

Photo taken from Trianna's Instagram account (@__trianna__)

The general manager of the whole esports team has just turned into Vaevictis Esports' ADC! What kind of moves will she show us in the Spring Split 2019?

Ankote (support)

Nataliya "Ankote" Zayko is the team's overall support, although she seems to have taken a liking to Riven. New meta, incoming?

Know more about this newest esports team here.


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