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#IreliaIRL: Did Riot use this girl's face as inspiration for "Awaken" video?

Uh oh. Riot Games might be in trouble now.

And it’s all because of this “real-life Irelia.”

The curious case of #IreliaIRL and the Awaken 2019 Cinematic Video

A few days ago, League of Legends released its 2019 ranked promotional video entitled "Awaken,” which captured and hyped up the hearts of millions of Summoners around the world.

A day after its posting, Instagram artist and photographer Aya Shalkar (@aya_shalkar) posted Instagram photos bearing a strange resemblance to Awaken’s Irelia and her facial features.

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The post, which has reached to 70,000 likes since the writing of this article, is accompanied by a lengthy text with Shalkar expressing her thought about the issue:

*cough cough* Hello to everyone. Especially those 3K of you who have followed me since the release of the new @leagueoflegends cinematic from 2 days ago. I have been receiving hundreds and hundreds of screenshots of Irelia from LoL players asking if I had a collaboration with the creators of the game. And the answer is no. Not to mention all of the times I have been called Irelia within the past two days here on Instagram. I understand the concept of “inspiration”. I do, however, feel the need to defend my identity in certain cases, especially the ones that happen without my consent. I have never been in such a situation before and I have mixed feelings. I’m already consulting with professionals, but if you think this case might not be a coincidence too, feel free to share this post and tag @leagueoflegends or @riotgames to support me. Thank you #IreliaIRL

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Riot Games hasn’t released a statement regarding the issue yet, but netizens have mixed reactions over Shalkar’s Instagram post.

In her Instagram story, Shalkar reacts to her haters and bashers.

Photo taken from Shalkar's Instagram (@aya_shalkar)


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