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RoX Banned Only Support Champions in their Game Versus Vaevictis Esports

Is RoX just being too... Friendly?

What can you say about this rare move from this CIS team?

All-support ban for the all-female team.

The League of Legends Continental League has just started, and among the first teams are the viral all-girl Russian team Vaevictis eSports. What's more talk-worthy than a full female roster joining the lol esports scene? Well, an all-support ban, apparently.

Screenshot by u/matlynar taken from r/leagueoflegends

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For their first game in the LCL, Vaevictis eSports goes against RoX, a Russian esports organization from CIS. The banning and pick phase for the two teams became pretty controversial, as RoX has decided to ban only support champions Nami, Janna, Lulu, Thresh, and Braum against Vaevictis eSports.

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This move by RoX is now the talk of Summoners online, as it hints at the sensitive issue of sexism.

As a matter of fact, the Reddit thread posted by u/matlynar has already been locked due to an overwhelming amount of sexist comments.

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The game ended with a score of 12-1 in favor of RoX. Vaevictis eSports suffered a crushing defeat as every lane got behind double the creep score of RoX's.

Vaevictis eSports is the latest addition in the ever-growing teams in the League of Legends esports. VS is made up of Tr1ggered, Merao, VioletFairy, Trianna, and Ankote.

What fate do these girls have in the Summoner's Rift? When will they rise to be a victor, and possibly get into the Worlds this year?

Know more about this newest esports team here.


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