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Previous SKT Top-Laner MaRin is Now Retired from Pro Gaming

MaRin is now officially out of the gaming spotlight.

The player's last professional team was Topsports Gaming consisting of mainly Chinese players.

"The life of a pro-player has just ended."

It's official – Jang "MaRin" Gyeong-hwan (장경환) is taking a permanent break from playing League of Legends professionally.

Photo taken from Garena Esports (esports.garena.ph)

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The announcement came from his Twitch stream 2 days ago, wherein MaRin wrote "I'm retiring" while he's live.

Watch the full stream on MaRin's Twitch channel here.

MaRin's Summoner moments.

This professional Korean player started his career as a substitute for SKT Telecom T1 back in 2013. Later on, he consistently became a top-laner for SK Telecom 1 until November 2015.

Photo taken from Garena Esports (esports.garena.ph)

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The year 2015 was a golden era for MaRin and SKT, as the team qualified for Worlds 2015 and became the top seed for Korea. SK Telecom 1 beat KOO Tigers in the finals, claiming the championship cup with a 3-1. This has been the second time SK Telecom has topped the League of Legends World Championship Finals.

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After winning Worlds 2015, MaRin left SK Telecom 1 to join LGD Gaming in 2016. Later that year, a post-Worlds shuffle occurred and MaRin finds  hinself in Korean team Afreeca Freecs. Reportedly, his last professional team would be Topsports Gaming, a Chinese League of Legends pro team.

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MaRin is known for using the Twisted Treant Maokai in his matches.


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