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These Papercraft Skins Are Every Summoner's Dreams in Origami

We've got new skins coming up!

Anivia and Nunu & Willump mains, hold on to your Riot Points.

Papercraft is in.

After the Luna Revel skins and the Valentine's Day skins come something fresh and creative – the papercraft skins.

Photo taken from surrenderat20.net

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Entering the PBE are Papercraft Anivia and Papercraft Nunu & Willump. Both skins have new models and textures, as well as visual effects and sound effects.

Photo taken from surrenderat20.net

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Papercraft Anivia in particular features an all-new recall animation, where birds of the same paper, flock together! It will be available for 1350RP (subject to change) once released in the League of Legends client.

Best pals Nunu and Willump also got their Papercraft versions. Every adventure is definitely better with a friend!

Photo taken from surrenderat20.net

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Whats special about this Papercraft skin? Nunu and Willump will do some papercraft together when you recall!

Papercraft Nunu & Willump will also be available for 1350RP (subject to change) once released in the League of Legends client.

Both skins have matching icons to go with: Papercraft Anivia icon, Papercraft Nunu icon, and Papercraft Willump icon.

The art of papercrafting.

A unique kind of art form, to create a paper craft is to make use of colorful papers to produce three-dimensional objects. Methods used in this art form can be folding, glueing, cutting, and layering.

Photo taken from Raven-Sent-iv's Deviant Art page

Some popular forms of paper crafting are paper mache, decoupage, paper cutting, and the Japanese art form origami.

Will you try paper crafting in real life?


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