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8 Quotes to Live By from the League of Legends Professional Scene

Let’s start 2019 with some positivity!

Which of these quotes will be your mindset for the rest of the year?

Here's your motivational fix.

Mogul lists down memorable quotes and sayings from the professional LOL esports scene – starting with the pro-players, coach, and streamers – these quotes are sure to give you the Summoner boost you’ve been searching for!

“Up until they lose the game, they are winning.” –Scarra

This Offline TV personality has got some piece of advice to offer to all Summoners out there.

“Everyone else is trash.” –Doublelift

Be sure to remember Lift’s words when you play a ranked game! (Trust us, you’ll feel better.)

“Yeah I deserved to win. I’m f**ing smart.” –Repeared

Need a little confidence boost in-game? Take it from Cloud9’s coach after their quarterfinals win.

Photo taken from Cloud9's Twitter account (@cloud9)

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“If you don’t know what the f*** you are doing, how are your enemies supposed to know what the f*** you are doing.” –imaqtpie

The Meme Stream Dream Team members really has got a lot to say, eh? This one’s a popular quote on the Bronze division.

“I guess you can say I became the best, but I don’t think I’m that great yet.” –Faker

Will we be seeing a bolder and more aggressive SKT this season?

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“Always losing moment is so sad. That’s why we all want to keep winning. But you cannot always win. Today, they were better than us.” –Wadid

It was an upsetting Worlds journey for Rogue’s Wadid, but he turned their team’s loss into a lesson.

“It has been eight years, and I can’t do this thing, but I am NEVER going to give up.” –Doublelift

Photo taken from Liquid's Twitter account (@TeamLiquidLoL)

Been on a losing streak recently? Take it from Yillian “Doublelift” Peng, who has always struggled for the Worlds Cup but has always failed since the first season. Will 2019 be his year?

“I will always step up when it matters, and I will always be there at the clutch moment.” –Rekkles

That’s the EU spirit!


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