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'Can You Feel the Rush Now?' Sneaky Cosplays K/DA Kai'Sa

This is where our anticipation ends!

Everyone finally gets to see Sneaky, K-pop style!

As Kai'Sa would say... "Could it.. be true?"

League of Legends' ultimate trap king (should we say queen?) finally cosplays a champion in one of the hottest girl groups in the gaming scene right now.

Photo by Daniel Huang, taken from Sneaky's Twitter account (@Sneaky)

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Dutch C9 AD Carry Zach "Sneaky" Scuderi is now a part of the Summoner community who has cosplayed hit virtual girl group K/DA. This latest cosplay of Sneaky pays a tribute to the Daughter of the Void, K/DA Kai'Sa.

Photo by Daniel Huang, taken from Sneaky's Twitter account (@Sneaky)

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In Sneaky's Twitter post, he makes a joking remark about he can't achieve flight through the void in Kai'Sa's shoulders.

I couldn’t fly with these jets
Photo taken from League of Legends NA website (na.leagueoflegends.com)

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More photos of Sneaky's K/DA cosplay will be posted this February 2019.

Sneaky and the K/DA gang

This K/DA cosplay wouldn't feel utterly complete without its other members, so Lynn and Hana Bunny completes the K/DA group cosplay.

From left to right: K/DA Ahri (Lynn - @estherlynnhhj), K/DA Kai'Sa (Sneaky - @Sneaky), K/DA Evelynn (Hana Bunny - @squishubunny). Photo by Daniel Huang, taken from Sneaky's Twitter account (@Sneaky)

Will we ever see K/DA Akali completing this cosplay group?

K/DA Ahri (Lynn - @estherlynnhhj), K/DA Kai'Sa (Sneaky - @Sneaky). Photo by Daniel Huang, taken from Lynn's Twitter account (@estherlynnhhj)


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