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Sneaky in A Swimsuit? Cloud9 Player Cosplays A Smoking Hot Ahri!

We thought the day would never come.

Prepare yourself for Sneaky's most daring cosplay ever.

It's not yet summer, but did it just get hot in here?

Our beloved crossplayer Zach Scuderi a.k.a. Sneaky has just heated up our winter season with a new cosplay, featuring the nine-tailed fox.

Photo taken from Zach Scuderi's Twitter account (@Sneaky)

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The American League of Legends AD player wowed everyone today with his recent cosplay of Ahri in a sultry black swimsuit. The dark swimwear instantly matches his pair of fox ears to complete the summer look.

Photo taken from Zach Scuderi's Twitter account (@Sneaky)

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It was a sort-of private photoshoot, as the only cosplay assistant around was Sneaky's cosplayer girlfriend, Lynn (@estherlynnhhj). In Sneaky's post, Lynn was properly credited for the cosplay make-up and for providing the Ahri tails for this particular set. It was also Lynn who took the photos posted on Sneaky's Twitter account.

Here's some BTS from their recent shoot, with Lynn in cosplay too as Overwatch's D.Va.

Photo taken from Lynn's Twitter account (@estherlynnhhj)

Fans were shocked with one of the photos in the post, where Sneaky shows off his sexy back, covered with a monkey sticker.

Photo taken from Zach Scuderi's Twitter account (@Sneaky)

Even his brothers over at Cloud9 can't resist the urge to comment on Sneaky's latest cosplay.

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This isn't the first time Sneaky's cosplaying Ahri, as he and Lynn already did a collaboration shoot with popular Korean cosplayers Team Spiral Cats last year.

From left to right: Dynasty Ahri (Zach "Sneaky" Scuderi), Star Guardian Ahri (Lynn), K/DA Ahri (SpiralCats Doremi), and Arcade Ahri (SpiralCats Tasha). Photo taken from Tasha's Twitter account (@spcatsTASHA)


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