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Cloud9 Sneaky’s Top 5 League of Legends Cosplays

What is Sneaky’s ultimate trap cosplay?

Let’s all find out together!

Mogul lists down five of Sneaky’s top cosplays.

The famous AD Carry for North American team Cloud9 has made some memorable cosplays since the first time he wore a maid costume sent by a fan years ago. We made this list to show the cosplays that captured a lot of Summoners’ (and non-Summoners’) hearts.

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Here are Sneaky’s (Zach Scuderi) top 5 League of Legends cosplays.

[5] Dark Elementalist Lux

Photo taken from Zach's Twitter account (@Sneaky)

Remember when Sneaky hit 5,000 subscribers on his Twitch channel? To commemorate this achievement, Sneaky dressed up as the dark form of the ultimate Lux skin.

[4] K/DA Kai’Sa

Photo taken from Zach's Twitter account (@Sneaky)

A relatively new one on the list, Sneaky joins the K/DA hype as he cosplays Kai’Sa, the daughter of the void. He isn’t alone this time, however, as Lynn (K/DA Ahri) and Hana Bunny (K/DA Evelynn) joins Zach to create a group cosplay. Where’s K/DA Akali?

[3] Xayah

The League of Legends All-Star 2019 in Vegas became more fun not only because of the different personalities present in the event, but because of a cosplay duo that has debuted.
Yes, Sneaky has cosplayed with 100 Thieves’ bot laner, Bang!
What’s better than Xayah? Two Xayahs, apparently!

[2] Star Guardian Soraka

Photo taken from Zach's Twitter account (@Sneaky)

It was the peak of the Star Guardians skin hype when our trap king (or should we say queen?) broke down the Twitterverse by posting beautiful photos of his Star Guardian Soraka set.
That costume, that make-up, that background – everything is just so perfect! Need we say more?

[1] Pizza Delivery Girl Sivir

Photo taken from Zach's Twitter account (@Sneaky)

Topping off Mogul’s cosplay list is his Pizza Delivery Girl Sivir cosplay, which made all of us say “Whoa, that’s Sneaky?”
Sneaky’s Pizza Delivery Girl Sivir cosplay is something everyone remembers, as the pro-player’s cosplay photos captivates Summoners and non-Summoners alike. Why, just looking at these photos again makes us want to order some pizza from Sneaky!

Did your favorite Sneaky cosplay made it to our list?


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