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Cosplay Couple Goals: A Look Into Sneaky and Lynn's Relationship

We all know Zach "Sneaky" Scuderi as that Cloud9 AD who's into crossplaying.

But do you know about the special person who's consistently helped our trap king throughout his amazing cosplays?

We ship Lynn and Zach!

We've been seeing more cosplays of our favorite Sneaky recently. He's not alone, however, as helping him with the make-up and the costume is her Korean girlfriend Esther Lynn.

Photo taken from Lynn's Twitter account (@estherlynnhhj)

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The two Summoners started dating back in 2017, and just recently celebrated their first year anniversary on December 4, 2018.

Photo taken from Lynn's Twitter account (@estherlynnhhj)

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Lynn is very supportive of Sneaky on his professional esports career as the AD Carry of Cloud 9.

But that's not the only support Sneaky gets from his girlfriend, as Lynn is very much motivated to do couple cosplays with Zach – assisting and being a photographer to his shoots.

Why, just looking at this duo set of Rem and Ram just gives us the romantic feels!

Photo taken from Lynn's Twitter account (@estherlynnhhj)

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Lynn has helped Zach all throughout his cosplays, and even did a few couple cosplays together. Talk about goals!

Photo taken from Lynn's Twitter account (@estherlynnhhj)

Our favorite moments from this ship

Lynn was actually the one who did Sneaky's make-up for his Elementalist Lux cosplay, and this behind-the-scenes photo is just too cute to not mention!

We also find it adorable how the the cosplay expert has taught some of our trap king the basics of posing for the camera.

Do you know what Sneaky calls his girlfriend? A real-life dakimakura, that's what.

But of course, Sneaky won't be really cunning without some "sneak" attacks to Lynn!

Is getting sick together also a couple goal?

Zach and Lynn has also taken us to some of their dates, one during Worlds 2018 and the most recent being a dinner out.

Photo taken from Lynn's Twitter account (@estherlynnhhj)

Want a cosplay couple relationship like this one? Take some clue from this tweet by Lynn.

What's your favorite Lynn x Zach moment?


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