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3 Champions Who Are Getting A Visual and Gameplay Update This 2019

As the season 2019 starts, Riot Games gives us an update on some of our favorite champions.

Two angels and a revenant will be getting VGUs!

Champions in season 2019.

Lead producer of the Riot Games Champions Team Ryan Mireles (Reav3) reveals the latest score on League of Legends champions.

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For starters, our two winged-champions Kayle and Morgana will be getting their respective reworks for the first half of the year. This includes the champions' art, audio, gameplay – almost everything.

For Kayle, the developers want her to have the same overall feel.

"For one, we'll be keeping her an auto-attack focused-champion and building her kit around the core auto-attack pattern."

Reav3 also says that Kayle's melee-ranged champion role at the start will be enhanced, as well as her supportive side.

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On to the fallen angel, the biggest change will lie on Soul Shackles, Morgana's ultimate.

"The goal of the change is will be to make it easier and more rewarding for Morgana to make plays with her ultimate in the late game, as currently you can feel like using her ult in the late game can be very risky and often times just leads to her own death."

The Iron Revenant also gets his own VGU.

Casting the angels on the side, our revenant Mordekaiser will also be having his full visual and gameplay update. According to Reav3, the team is targeting Mordekaiser in his ability as a solo-laner.

"As after much discussion we felt like the core fantasy of a brutal armored warlord of death felt like it maxed out of a solo-laner, doing things by himself rather than a champion working with a partner in a duo-laner."

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Aside from the reworks, Riot Games also teases us with more information regarding the new support champion, who turns out to be an enchanter, a more traditional support at that.

Lastly, Riot Games announces a new assassin champion up in the works! Who's excited?


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