Man arrested for threatening a boy after losing to him in Fortnite

A 45-year-old man from New York was arrested after allegedly threatening an 11-year-old boy for beating him in Fortnite.

Michael Aliperti sent threats through text and voice messages in Xbox to his 11-year-old rival in Fortnite. According to the Suffolk County Police Department, messages sent by Aliperti to the boy was around 9 PM on a Monday. His messages contain that he would shoot him, “possibly at his school”. However, the school’s name wasn’t really mentioned or if the man really knew where the boy goes.

“For an adult to threaten an 11-year-old kind of gives new definition to a sore loser,” said Suffolk County Police Chief Stuart Cameron. With this threat, the boy’s school, RJO Middle School in Kings Park, stepped up its security.

![]( arrested for threatening a boy
Aliperti got arrested on Tuesday around 1:40 AM at his Long Island home and was charged with second-degree aggravated harassment plus, acting in a manner to injure a child. He is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday. Aliperti is a father of three who owns a landscaping business.

His attorney, Andrew Karpf, said that Aliperti’s family is asking for a privacy. Karpf also said his client is also under great stress because of a contentious divorce. Is Fortnite also one of the reasons why?

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Fortnite has been one of the biggest and most popular games. Its popularity continued to grow from PC to PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and even mobile. The more the game grew, the more crimes and issues claimed Fortnite to be one of the reasons. From time to time, there would be numerous reports where Fortnite is cited in it. In a recent news regarding the game, it is said that Fortnite is one of the reasons of 200 divorces.

Fingers have been also pointed towards Fortnite for issues that include violence, online harassment, and kids stealing cards from their parents. On the other hand, Fortnite also has built a strong community online. Additionally, it served as a family bonding for some parents who game with their sons and/or daughters. This video game is also one of the reasons why charities were made by famous streamers like Ninja, who is one of the most well-known Fortnite streamers.