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Mars to be released in late Feb or March — Valve

The hero will finally be coming after a long wait.

Looks like Valve is finally making good on their promises (except for the Rosh statues). After delivering Frostivus and True Sight, which were received quite positively and welcomingly, Valve is finally going to give the fans what they had promised their fans long ago. At TI8 to be precise: Mars, the new hero.


During TI8, Valve had showcased two new heroes, Grimstroke and Mars. While Grimstroke was released the same day he was announced, Mars was supposed to be released next winter, which is now. We finally have an estimate on when Mars will defend the Ancient: somewhere between the end of February or the beginning of March. I would hardly call that time of the year as winter, but you know, Valve Time.

The announcement was made by Valve on Dota 2’s official Twitter account. Along with the announcement of Mars’ release date, they also revealed that the new ranked season will be starting next week, along with a new patch: 7.21.

The new patch will mostly be a balance patch. We might see some new changes to heroes, ahead of Mars’ release. If you ask me, Huskar definitely needs a nerf (and please bring the Ring of Aquila back, Icefrog). I would assume that we might see another patch soon after it, as Mars will have some balance issues when he comes, as has happened with every new hero that has come to Dota 2.

As for Mars, he is expected to be a Roman Legion-inspired hero, with the data mined files showing particle files for spears and an image for “Phalanx Cancel”.

The rest we will know when he hero hits the game.


MN | Rudraaksh

MN | Rudraaksh

Rudraaksh is a dentist by trade but a gamer by heart. He’s written for adventure sports website and volunteered for a Germany based newsletter, but is currently taking the esports scene by storm.

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