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They have never had the same roster win twice -Matumbaman

Team Liquid recently did a Q&A, where they talked about staying together.

Post-TI shuffles are something very common in Dota 2. With TI having a huge prize pool, the roster changes after the competition if things don’t work out are very common. But Team Liquid surprised everyone when they decided to go with the same roster, which has now been together for over two years. There were rumors of the roster disbanding, but Liquid put those to rest.

Team Liquid recently did a Q&A with Matumbaman, where he talked about the team. Talking about the roster, he said:

“Nobody has ever done that. Not even in League. They have never had the same roster win twice. This would be something amazing.”

Talking about Kuroky, he said that he comes up with great in-game strategies. He accredited Kuroky to being the glue that holds them together. He also mentioned that Kuroky wasn’t just good at in-game strategies, but also gave some nice life advice as well.  

When asked about getting along, he said that he got along with GH the best, since he’s the one sitting next to him during practices.  

“All of our personalities mesh up pretty well together,” said Matu. “We all have the same goal. Every team wants to win together. That’s the one goal you’re all striving for. You all have the same purpose. And you’re always working on it together.”  

Apparently, Miracle is not just one of the best Dota players in the world, but also a funny guy. He said that Miracle is the “light bulb of the team.” Whenever they need to relieve some stress and pressure, they turn to Miracle for some humor.

The article also mentions that staying together has made them feel extra confident about the new season.

“We know everything about each other,” said Matu. “We get along. We know our playstyles. We’re just in a really good spot and we’re highly motivated to play again.”  


MN | Rudraaksh

MN | Rudraaksh

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