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Mineski bests LGD in a thriller to win their first Dota 2 Major Championship

For the first time ever, a Southeast Asian team brings home a Dota 2 Major title.

Mineski Dota survived a 5 game thriller against LGD Gaming to take home the Dota 2 Asia Championships Major Title, much to the delight of the SEA fans watching back at home – but, to the sour taste of Chinese fans who consider DAC 2018 as the biggest Dota 2 event in their country.

A much anticipated rematch

LGD saw success at the group stage where they placed 2nd behind TNC Predator. They started their upper bracket run by toppling Evil Geniuses and reigning TI champs Team Liquid before bowing down to Mineski in the upper bracket finals.

They sent packing to the lower bracket as LGD made a statement after beating three-time Major champions and tournament favorites Virtus.Pro, setting another rematch with SEA’s top guns.

Mineski came straight from the upper bracket after an impressive group stage run where they ended 2nd, just behind VP. Their run continued at the upper bracket by taking down Optic Gaming and eventually upsetting Chinese giants Vici Gaming and LGD.

This also serves as a PGL Bucharest Open rematch where Mineski won 2-0.

Game 1 – 3 OP Heroes? No problem for LGD

LGD delivered the treats for Chinese fans as they opened their first game with a scaling Phantom Assassin. Mineski looked terrifying with their Oracle, Dark Willow and Pangolier lineup during the laning stages but Chai “Mushi” Yee Fung became a setback with his carry Vengeful Spirit come late game.

The Chinese hopefuls exploited Mineski’s lack of right click heroes to force favorable engagements that resulted in a 27-minute victory.

Game 2 – Mineski with the veteran moves

Mineski, being a pool of Dota 2 veterans, made sure that momentum wouldn't help LGD with Daryl Koh 'iceiceice' Pei Xiang’s signature Magnus. But, the real story of the game is for Kam 'Moon' Boon Seng on his Tiny going ham against LGD. He starred in most of Mineski’s plays including a turnaround Triple Kill during the four-minute mark.

They managed to take the game 29-6 in a striking fashion to take away LGD’s momentum and to shut the crowd as well.

Game 3 – Everything is tight until the last moments

Contrary to games 1 and 2, game 3 was a neck to neck skirmish between the two teams for the majority of the game. The trend continued until LGD found a triple kill in the 30th-minute mark that included 2 of Mineski’s cores.

Wang 'Ame' Chunyu’s Terrorblade made the most of the opportunity to fully swing the game towards their favor and get the SEA boys to tap out in 36 minutes.

Game 4 – A veteran’s comeback

LGD came to game 4 with a simple game plan – to shut down Mushi and snowball up. They initially did so as their Ancient Apparition and Rubick support combo made wonders, killing Mushi’s Luna three times in the first four minutes of the game.

But, the rest of Mineski was successful to create space for Mushi to farm as they managed to pick off LGD heroes left and right.

The comeback was real for Mushi as his efficient Eclipse usage became the key factor for them to snowball up and force a winner takes all game 5.

Game 5 – The SEA Legends coming on top

LGD opted to rely on a Leshrac core and a last pick Anti-Mage but Mineski, looking unfazed, carried on with their lock heavy lineup that included a terrifying Naga and Disruptor Combo topped by iceiceice’s Magnus, Mushi’s Lifestealer and Moon’s Death Prophet.

LGD made sure that Ame’s Anti-Mage goes online by creating space for him to farm.

Ame beefed up but Mineski delivered their lockdowns with pinpoint accuracy, either trapping Ame in a Static Storm-Kinetic Field setup or a Reverse Polarity that is immediately followed by Death Prophet’s silence to burst him down almost every time.

The Chinese team had the proper utilization to save their heavily invested AM, but again Mineski was able to counter them thru iceiceice’s Refresher Orb and Mushi’s Abyssal Blade to put LGD’s investment into waste.

Wielding the Radiance

Mineski gets to take home the 2nd to the most awesome trophy in the history of Dota 2, a life-size, wieldable Radiance. But most importantly, they have secured 750 Dota Pro Circuit (Points) each to move up to the Top 4 of the DPC ladders.

LGD meanwhile, managed to break through the top 8. They now sit in 7th place, after being stuck at the bottom of the ladders for the majority of the race.

Originally written by Neil Martinez for GameGeek.gg