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Bring tournaments with you anywhere you go with the Mogul App!

The Mogul Arena team has been hard at work so you can access mobile esports games wherever you are in the world through the Mogul Android App.

Just when you thought things couldn't get even better, the guys at Mogul Arena come out with some more exciting news!

Yesterday, we brought you the news that Mogul Arena is about to release a VIP Subscription feature with exclusive tournaments and bigger prize pools. With VIP access, you can get some of the platform's special features you won't see anywhere else.

But they're not done! Today, the news has just dropped that the Mogul Android App has completed development and is in testing.

Very soon you’ll have access to Mogul’s tournaments no matter where you are – as long as you have your phone on you, you’ll be ready to jump in.

The first version of the app boasts a user-friendly layout and sleek design that will let you manage your upcoming matches and stay in touch with other gamers. That's not all — you can also access player and team profiles, tournament information and your in-game statistics right from your smartphone.

But a second release next year will support leading mobile esports titles so you can defeat your opponents anytime, anywhere! Talk about convenient and competitive gaming!

Once the testing is wrapped up and finishing touches are added, you’ll be able to install the App. We’ll keep you posted!

Visit Mogul Arena today to check out all the ongoing tournaments!

MN | Larcey

MN | Larcey

Larcey stumbled upon esports writing 3 years ago and found her niche! She’s balancing an esports career and family life, and owes her multi-tasking ability to MMORPGs.

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