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Earn a spot in the Mogul Mayhem and Mogul Shootout finals!

Zoom your way straight to the tournament finals just by tagging your team.

Mogul Arena is giving a chance for everyone to take a one-way ticket to its event finals through its social media pages.

Too easy? Because it really is! Tag the name of your team in the comment section of their posts and the lucky teams to be randomly selected goes straight to the Mogul Shootout and Mogul Mayhem finals.

Don't forget, prize pool is over $1,000!

Do you want to be in with a shot at our $1000 prize pool?! Mention your CS:GO team below and you could win a place in our Mogul Shootout finals on October 27 and pocket the cash. Get tagging!

Geplaatst door Mogul Arena op Dinsdag 16 oktober 2018

Mogul Shootout Finals - starts Oct. 26, 2018

Series: Best-of-1 Single Elimination

Semi-Finals & Finals: Best-of-3

Map voting is enabled for the semi-final and final rounds. BAN / PICK / RANDOM. Each team will be able to ban a map they do not want to play, pick a map they do, and the system will choose the third map at random from the remaining map pool.


1. Round-time = 1:55 minutes

2. Freeze-time = 20 seconds

3. Buy-time = 20 seconds

4. C4 timer = 40 seconds

5. Overtime Money = $10,000

6. Overtime Rounds = 3 rounds per half

Mogul Mayhem Finals - starts Oct. 27, 2018

Series: Best-of-1 Single Elimination

Semi-Finals & Finals: Best-of-3

Mode: Captain's Mode

Scores are reported automatically. There is no need to report your own score.Please call an Admin only when you are having problems.Use chat for general questions.

1. No cheating, abuse, or manipulation of in-game mechanics. Including pause abuse.

2. Matches are expected to be played at their scheduled time.

3. Check-in for the tournament 1 hour before the scheduled start time. Failure to check-in for the tournament will result in your removal from the participants list.

4. Be ready to check-in for your match before the scheduled start time. Failing to check-in and set your team ready for the match will result in a forfeit loss and elimination from the tournament.

5. Each team has 10 minutes of pause time for each match, including strategy and client disconnections.

6. Roster substitutions may only happen between rounds, not during a match.

For more information, check the Mogul Arena website or its Facebook page, Mogul Arena.

MN | Lara de Guzman

MN | Lara de Guzman

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