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Mogul Arena to release VIP Subscription service

Mogul Arena takes it up a notch by completing the development of our very first VIP subscription feature.

Are you looking for more exclusive tournaments with bigger prize pools? Look no further! Mogul Arena has just finalized the initial stages of its VIP Subscription feature for the tournament platform.

Through this feature, VIP subscribers will not only gain access to exclusive tournaments and challenges, they will also be able to customize their profiles, gain extra awards and have unique prizing rewards.

The VIP offerings will be updated regularly to keep things exciting. With this, Mogul Arena users can truly get the most out of their gaming experience!

The best bit? The VIP subscription feature will be linked to the best payment system in Southeast Asia, MOLpay, allowing users to accept or make purchases without worrying about local currency. Once the finishing touches are finalized, Mogul Arena’s VIP subscription feature will be up for release. We’ll keep you posted!

Sign up for free to get a head start at Mogularena.com.

MN | Larcey

MN | Larcey

Larcey stumbled upon esports writing 3 years ago and found her niche! She’s balancing an esports career and family life, and owes her multi-tasking ability to MMORPGs.

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