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Mogul Guide: How To Vote In Esports Elite

Do you enjoy spectator sports more than playing in it? Or both? Esports Elite lets you vote for teams and earn points by doing so.

ESPORTS ELITE. Your single source for all things esports. Explore upcoming events and trending matches. Find live streams for every match, connect with other gamers and cast your vote for the top teams.

Here's how:

1.) Head on to Mogul.GG homepage

Everything starts here. Exciting tournaments, more exciting prizes. Add to your favorites now!

2.) Proceed to the Esports Elite section

On the upper left corner of the homepage, locate the Esports Elite tab and click on it.

Welcome to the Esports Elite page!


3.) At the bottom of the page, locate the Upcoming Matches and start voting!

Click on the VOTE button on the match you want to vote on.

4.) Once you're in the matchup page, hit the VOTE button next to the team name.

Each match has details that can help you decide between teams.

Take note of the voting deadlines. Some matches start sooner than expected!

Upon voting, a quick +1 button will let you know your vote has been cast and the button "VOTE" will change to "VOTED" to let you know you've successfully voted for that team.

5.) Head back to the Esports Elite page and keep voting

The more you vote, the better chances of winning the season voting prizes.

Worried about who to vote?

Scrolling further down the matchup page are more helpful information about the teams. Expected roster, past encounters, recent performances and live streams are readily available. You might be surprised at how some teams have been performing against others. Find a team you may want to follow.

Exploring your Esports Elite page

Beside the Overview are other tabs that'll help you keep track of your votes.

Vote History lets your browse through all your previous votes and the streaks you've achieved. Recent votes are listed as well.

Weekly, Monthly and Seasonal leaderboards show the voters with the longest streaks and when the week/month/season ends.

Rules tab gives you more information about the Esports Elite voting system.

Best of luck, gamers!


MN | Lara de Guzman

MN | Lara de Guzman

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