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Mogul Masters #2: Hafiz “HafizLah” Abdul Rashid

Mogul Masters is a bi-weekly series featuring actual players and teams who have competed and won Mogul tournaments.

This time in Mogul Masters, we bring to you a conversation with Hafiz “HafizLah” Abdul Rashid, who won the Mogul Daily Cup for CS:GO five times.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a student. I study Computer Science in the UK, but now I am back home in Malaysia on a break.

Do you play games other than CS:GO?

I do play other games, like Rainbow 6, Dota 2 and others, but not competitively.

How long have you been playing CS:GO?

I think it has been about 5 years now.

Do you play CS:GO professionally or just casually and decided to try your hand at the Mogul Daily Cup?

I am working towards being a professional CS:GO player. Staring out slowly right now and Mogul is the best place for me to do that. Hopefully I’ll get somewhere professionally.

What do your parents feel about it? Have you talked to them about taking up CS:GO as a career rather than Computer Science?

My mom is fine with it because it's starting to be seen as a career path. I haven’t really discussed it with my dad.

So you must have participated in the tournaments in UK as well. What can you tell me about the difference between the scene in UK and Malaysia?

I think they take CS:GO more seriously in the UK, but the scene tends to be bigger in Asia at the moment.

What do you feel about the future of esports in Malaysia?

Right now, the government is trying to put a lot of money into esports. There are a lot of upcoming tournaments in Malaysia.

How do you manage your studies and CS:GO?

Right now, I'm on a break, so I'm not really studying much. During the semester I usually try to get my work done during the class so I can get more time in practicing CS:GO.

How did you hear about Mogul?                        

One of my friends introduced me to it. He saw me trying to take CS:GO more seriously and thought it would be a great platform for me to train on and win prizes.

So what do you feel about this platform?

I can see a lot of potential in Mogul! It's a great place for me to practice.

Would you recommend it to your friends?

Of course. Definitely!


MN | Rudraaksh

MN | Rudraaksh

Rudraaksh is a dentist by trade but a gamer by heart. He’s written for adventure sports website and volunteered for a Germany based newsletter, but is currently taking the esports scene by storm.

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