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Mogul Mayhem and Mogul Shootout Series 9 winners have been crowned

28 Dota 2 and CS:GO teams duked out for the bragging rights to claim the top spot of the 9th iteration of the Mogul Mayhem and Mogul Shootout tournaments.

We have ArkAngel who is now fronted by the seasoned Filipino veteran Julius "Julz" De Leon for the Mayhem championship while the freshly assembled Singaporean group LMAOFAO topped the Shootout Series.

Julz who assumes the support role has been the driving force for ArkAngel as he provided veteran experience for the young squad.

Mogul Mayhem Series 9 Finals | ArkAngel vs. Buriram Seth Gaming

Julz' bait was of no avail as Buriram Seth Gaming turns it around here in the finals of the Mogul Mayhem Series 9 between ArkAngel and Buriram Seth Gaming! WATCH GAME 2 @ twitch.tv/met_esports #DOTA2

Geplaatst door MET Events op Zondag 6 januari 2019

They came to the grand finals of the Mogul Mayhem facing Thai challengers Buriram Seth Gaming who initially took a closely contested game 1 from them. However, the experience kicked in for the Filipino squad as they bounced back immediately with a 29-12 pummeling in game 2 behind their Kunkka and Faceless Void combo who combined for a 17-3-22 KDA.

With momentum on their side, Arkangel once again strike hard in game 3, taking the game to their favor from the first minute until the Thais tapped out without even getting a taste of the gold lead.

Singaporean Showdown

Mogul Shootout meanwhile became a show in favor of LMAOFAO who have a strong 16-0 win-loss card in Mogul prior to the finals against fellow Singaporean team IDKASKUR. Both teams fame to the finals without dropping a single map in the Series 9 finals.

Mogul Shootout Series 9 Finals | Dreamy Clutch!

Dreamy kept his cool and got the CLUTCH round win! They are now back! Happening now: LMAOFAO vs. IDKASKUR Watch them LIVE @ twitch.tv/met_esports

Geplaatst door MET Events op Zaterdag 5 januari 2019

Map 1 began at Train with IDKASKUR showing strong defense on CT side that gave them a humongous 12-3 lead across the half. But tides changed at the 2nd half when LMAOFAO rallied back with a 13-1 run to take Train 16-13.

IDKASKUR posted another decent challenge in map 2 which was Cache as they take a decent lead at the first half. However, LMAOFAO’s “Dreamy” came up with an eco round clutch against three IDKASKUR players in the 2ndround of the switch to shift the momentum towards them. The 4 map lead of IDKASKUR bubbled out as LMAOFAO closed out the series 16-11.

Congratulations to the winners of Series 9! Interested teams and players may now register for the upcoming Mogul Mayhem and Mogul Shootout Series 10 Qualifier 1 happening on January 13. Check out the links below for more details.

DOTA 2 MOGUL MAYHEM S10 QUALIFIER 1: https://arena.mogul.gg/tournaments/details/1778

CS:GO MOGUL SHOOTOUT S10 QUALIFIER 1: https://arena.mogul.gg/tournaments/details/1773


MN | Neil Martinez

MN | Neil Martinez

A former editor and writer for a university publication, Neil has incorporated esports to what he does best. He is Mogul’s CS go-to guy and TNC Pro Team’s graphic artist and social media man.

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