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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Other Titles Now Included in Mogul

Welcome to the Mogul esports family, MLBB!

Read on to find out the other titles we've added.

Always been a mobile gamer? We now have titles made just for you!

To complete our great news for the first month of 2019, Mogul is proud to announce its expansion to the mobile category.

Mogul.gg now offers games that appeal to all types of players -- PC, console, and the latest being the mobile platform.

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The list of mobile titles now included on the Mogul website are Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Hearthstone, Clash Royale and Arena of Valor.

Mobile Legends and Arena of Valor are both mobile multi-player online battle arena (MOBA) games that were released in 2016. Both games have an emerging esports scene owing to a growing number of active mobile gamers.

Hearthstone is Blizzard's online turn-based collectible card game following themes from the bestselling World of Warcraft game. Since its release back in 2014, Hearthstone has undergone regular updates and expansions, much to the delight of millions of fans.

Clash Royale, on the other hand, combines elements from both collectible card games and MOBAs to bring you never ending excitement and fun. With overwhelmingly positive reviews, it is Supercell's latest big feat following it's highly successful Clash of Clans.

Mogul.gg will be able to take tournaments to the next level as some of these game titles can be played multi-platform (i.e. console and mobile), which Mogul.gg is proud to be one of the only platforms with the functionality to support.

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These titles will be included in Mogul's upcoming Silver Slam tournament, where AU$275,000 will be given away. Silver Slam, in partnership with Razer, will have an extensive catalogue of 16 PC, console, and mobile titles. Stay tuned for more info on Silver Slam!

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This is just the start of Mogul's expansion this year – watch this space!


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