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New Streaming Platform Mogul Spotlight Announced

We're getting new features on Mogul.gg!

A streaming platform and a wallet system? Count us in!

Mogul Spotlight is the latest feature you need to watch out for.

Today, Mogul announced they're developing two new features for the platform – Mogul Spotlight and Mogul Wallet.

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Mogul Spotlight is developed specifically for esports enthusiasts who simply enjoy seeing their favorite streamers and influencers in the streaming spotlight.

The new platform will actually reward you with exciting prizes, including Razer zSilver reward credits from Mogul's gaming hardware partner Razer Inc. simply for watching streams.

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You'll need to sign up to Mogul.gg to be able to receive rewards when Mogul Spotlight is finally released.

Mogul Spotlight will also support the Mogul Refer-a-Friend feature. Users can share their unique referral URL with their friends who, if they register to Mogul.gg through Spotlight, will receive additional prizing.

Introducing Mogul Wallet.

Aside from Mogul Spotlight, the Mogul Wallet is also in development to boost the subscription feature coming your way too!

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Deemed as the "financial hub" of Mogul.gg, the Mogul Wallet will be an essential feature where players can deposit and withdraw funds from Mogul, all hassle-free.

The best part? These funds can be used for paid tournament entry as part of the subscription feature coming soon!


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