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How to Register for a Mogul Tournament

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Registering for any of Mogul's tournaments is pretty simple. Here's a tutorial to help you get started.

Sign in your Mogul account.

Head to Mogul.GG and login.

Haven't created an account yet? You can sign up through your email, Facebook account or Razer ID!

Select the tournament you want to join.

In the tournaments tab, matches from different games are displayed. Hit "VIEW" on the tournament you want to participate in.

Check the tournament details and then register.

Hit the "REGISTER NOW" button to sign up.

Tournament overview, prizes, participants, schedule and brackets information are posted in each tournament page. Some details will be left blank at first, but will be updated once it is available.

You're registered!

A page notification will appear to remind you of your upcoming tournament. Take note of the date and time and make sure to check back when it's game time!

For tournaments to be played in groups or teams, create or join a team to participate.

If you are not a member of any team, an option to create a new team is available.

Keep joining tournaments and hone those skills of yours! Best of luck!


MN | Lara de Guzman

MN | Lara de Guzman

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