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Save the Date: Mogul's Silver Slam Set to Launch on February 5

Are you competitive enough to join Silver Slam?

We've got more details about Mogul's most-awaited tournament!

Welcome to Mogul's Silver Slam!

It's official -- online tournament Silver Slam is set to launch on February 5, 2019.

Mogul's Silver Slam tournament is just a few days away!

Silver Slam by Mogul and Razer will kickoff on the first week of February. The online tournament will be giving away a total of AU$275,000 as an overall prize pool for participating players, redeemable in cash, prizes and Razer Silver!

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More details about Silver Slam.

In preparation for the upcoming event, tournament platform Mogul has expanded their game catalogue catering to mobile, console, and more games for PC.

Silver Slam will run a whopping 80 daily tournaments across all game titles, called Quick Cups. Head to Mogul's website to register now for the first round of Quick Cups!

Aside from Razer, Mogul has also partnered with some renowned organizations all over Southeast Asia, including The Plays, Rumble Royale, Ragequit, NEX STUDIO, Channel 8 and Lakoi. You can join their tournaments too!

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Players can also participate and vote on Esports Elite to earn points which can be traded for Razer Silver and exchanged for actual gaming peripherals.

Silver Slam will run from February 5 to March 3, 2019. Join now!


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