Who's on top of the Silver Slam leaderboards? - Week 1

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It's been a week since Mogul launched Silver Slam, an online tournament where gamers can win money and Razer Silver.

Here are the top 10 Mogul players based on their Silver Slam scores:


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These players have acquired scores ranging from 150 to 200, with the highest being mogulwarriorzxc with 214 Silver Slam points.

Silver Slam in a nutshell

Mogul's Silver Slam is an online tournament featuring casual competitive matches for different esports titles. All you need to do is register for an account, and you can join games for free! Here are the titles included under Silver Slam:
- Overwatch
- Dota 2
- League of Legends
- Call of Duty Black Ops
- Rainbow Six Siege
- Starcraft II
- Fortnite
- Super Smash Bros Ultimate
- Hearthstone
- Mobile Legends
- Clash Royale
- Arena of Valor
- NBA2K19
- Tekken

Players can win up to USD $50,000 and 200,000,000 worth of Razer Silver.

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So far, Mogul has given away 28 million Razer Silver to current participants of Silver Slam.

"With so so many chances to play there's no reason to walk away without a win under your belt. We'll hold Quick Cups every day from 4pm - 12am GMT+8. A new tournament starts every 2 hours. GLHF!"

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