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Mogul Silver Slam Tournament: The Conclusion

Here are your Silver Slam winners!

The very first online tournament by Mogul has just came to an end on March 3, 2019. For four weeks, we've kept a track of the players' progress as they play, compete, and vote during Silver Slam.

It's hard to believe Silver Slam is already over! During Silver Slam there were 1,600 tournaments played, can you believe that?! Fear not though, Mogul's bringing you a ton of new tournaments to compete in, introducing quite a few more opportunities to earn cash prizes, and even expanding into Australia! Stay a while and keep your eyes peeled; are you ready to take your esports career to the next level?

The first Silver Slam Grand Champion is mogulwarriorzxc, finishing with a score of 640 with 110 tournaments and 401 matches. Through the Esports Elite voting system, the warrior has gained a streak of 19 in his votes.

Congratulations to mogulwarriorzxc for being the first Silver Slam Grand Champion! Mogul would like to thank everyone who joined our Silver Slam tournaments. More tournaments to come so stay tuned!

Geplaatst door Mogul News op Zondag 3 maart 2019

mogulwarriorzxc will be bringing home $6,000 USD as the grand champion of Mogul's Sliver Slam tournament.

The remaining Mogul players on the top of the leaderboards itsmelstr (2nd place), mrymogularena (3rd place), sskssk (4th place), and jlord23 (5th place) will be receiving $4,000, $3,000, $2,000, and $1,500 US dollars respectively.

The remaining 6th to 10th placers won't go home teary-eyed, as they will be receiving a cash prize of $750 US dollars. They are: Kasmeer (6th place), DJatin (7th place), SGDLex (8th place), kiking78 (9th place), and jeronnex2 (10th place).

Those who managed to reach the 11th to 20th spots will be getting 400USD as a consolation prize.

Is your name here?

Did not make it to the Silver Slam leaderboards? Fret not, for you'll still be bagging Razer Silver points. Those in ranks 21st to 30th will be getting 250,000 Razer Silver each, while everyone from 500 to 1000 in the Silver Slam leaderboard will be receiving 5,000 Razer Silver. Everyone is a winner!

Check the full Silver Slam leaderboards here.


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