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No Team? No Problem: Mogul Tournaments You Can Join As A Solo Player

Are you a strong, independent gamer?

The go ahead and join Mogul's Silver Slam 1v1 tournaments!

Join Silver Slam's 1v1 Quick Cups!

Here in Mogul, everyone has a place.

If you prefer playing alone, all by yourself, then we have some Silver Slam tournaments for you to show off your independent, competitive spirit!

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Aside from the 5v5 tournaments, Silver Slam also offers 1v1, single elimination tournaments for you to compete in for FREE.

Mogul's Quick Cups can hold up to 64 players from all over Asia daily. Tournaments under the Quick Cup are also of 1v1, single elimination nature.

Photo taken from Mogul's Twitter account (@mogulgg)

Here are the list of games for the Mogul Quick Cup:

Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate

Tekken 7

Dota 2

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


Clash Royale


NBA 2k19 (PS4)

Arena of Valor

League of Legends



The titles listed under the Mogul Quick Cups are a mixture of PC, mobile, and console titles so almost anyone can join in on the competitive scene!

Photo taken from Mogul's Twitter account (@mogulgg)

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All tournaments are open to the public and are free to play for registered participants.


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MN | Tin

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