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Mogul Weekly Recap - 1/20/19

TI8 True Sight

If you have not watched True Sight yet, what are you even doing?

On one side, OG was elated after the win, hugging and crying tears of joy. On the other side, PSG.LGD was highly dismayed with the victory slipping through their fingers.

All in all, it was a roller coaster of emotions that True Sight so perfectly managed to display.

Dota 2's newest addictive custom game: Auto Chess

Dota Auto Chess is a custom game that holds a lot of deep and strategic complexity as well as luck. It’s an amalgamation of Dota, Tower Defense and Chess creating a unique experience to anything in the Arcade community.

While on the surface it seems basic, the complexity lies in the combining and matching of pieces in the game.  Try it if you haven't yet!

ChongQing Major seeding controversy

Many Dota 2 personalities have spoken out against the seeding, or the lack of it, at the ChongQing Major.

Just a couple of days ago, the organizers announced the group seeding. It does not seem to have sat well with the Dota 2 community. The seeding, overall, seemed arbitrary. What do you think?

EHOME wins Bucharest Minor

EHOME continued its dominating run to win the Bucharest Minor. They won $125,000 in prize money and 120 DPC points. The win in the Minor has also earned them a slot at the ChongQing Major.

Their amazing run at the Bucharest Minor has shown what the team is capable of, losing only one game throughout the tournament.

ESL One Mumbai 2019

The world's largest independent esports company, ESL, together with NODWIN Gaming proudly presents ESL One powered by Intel in Mumbai, India. The event will be held this April 19 to 21, 2019.

Twelve Dota 2 teams will be pitting against each other for the prize pool of $300,000 and the bragging rights of winning India's first mega Dota 2 event.

2019 Lunar Revel Skins

Welcome 2019 with a bang, featuring Tahm Kench, Sejuani, and Vayne.

A prestige edition of Firecracker Vayne is available, with the hunter dressed in white and gold, hair, clothes and all.

Sejuani also comes in red and gold, with this fury riding a gigantic boar. Bristle has been transformed into a domesticated pig, adorned with luck Chinese ornaments.

Aside from these two feisty ladies, we also have Coin Emperor Kench, which looks like he's been based on China's Money frog.

New game titles added to the Mogul platform

Mogul's catalogue now caters to more games.

For the first month of the year, Mogul has given its users a lot of great news regarding new features to its platform.

To date, Mogul has updated its game catalogue and has now over 20 different game titles. The full list includes:

•Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)
•League of Legends
•Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
•Rainbow Six Siege
•Starcraft II

•Rainbow Six Siege
•Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
•Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
•Pro Evolution Soccer 19
•NBA 2K19

•Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB)
•Clash Royale
•Arena of Valor

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ESL continuing to expand in China

ESL continues to strengthen its coverage in the Asian region through a new distribution partnership in China with HuomaoTV and Huya Live for 2019.

The gaming giant aims to reach a bigger audience through the Chinese streaming platforms which are regarded as two of the biggest streaming platforms in China. Both platforms HuomaoTV and Huya Live will share equal broadcasting rights to all ESL One, Intel Extreme Masters and CS:GO Pro League tournaments.

ESL launches Indonesia Championship with Indofood

ESL partners with Indonesian food and beverage giant Indofood to launch the first season of ESL Indonesia Championship in Jakarta with a boasting prizepool of $100000.

The championship series will feature the best Dota 2 and Arena of Valor teams across Indonesia in a three month span. Eight Dota 2 teams and other 8 AOV teams will battle out in an online groups that will lead to a LAN finals that will see a broader regional tournament.

MN | Lara de Guzman

MN | Lara de Guzman

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