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Mogul Weekly Recap - 1/27/19

Mogul's Silver Slam

Mark your calendars! Silver Slam is set to launch on February 5!

The online tournament will be giving away a total of AU$275,000 as an overall prize pool for participating players, redeemable in cash, prizes and Razer Silver!

Silver Slam will run a whopping 80 daily tournaments across all game titles, called Quick Cups. Head to Mogul's website to register now for the first round of Quick Cups!

Mars' release announced

We finally have an estimate on when Mars will defend the Ancient: somewhere between the end of February or the beginning of March.

Along with the announcement of Mars’ release date, they also revealed that the new ranked season will be starting next week, along with a new patch: 7.21.

Sick at Chongqing Major

While it is being assumed that Solo and Shadow have contracted food poisoning, Weppas was admitted in hospital due to a kidney stone, and Russian caster Olsior is sick as well.

Dendi joins Tigers

After playing in the CIS region for most of his career, Dendi will be switching over to SEA.

Tigers revealed that Dendi would be latest player to complete their roster. The news comes just a couple of days after Tigers had announced that Mushi would be joining their squad as the carry. They had let go of Ahjit and InYourdreaM earlier, after they failed to qualify for the Bucharest Minor and the Chongqing Major.

League of Legends' 2019 Plans

"2019 is here and the new season is just getting started."

Ultra Rapid Fire

Everyone's favorite game mode, Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) is getting some changes soon.

League of Legends x Marvel Comics

Riot Games and Marvel's comic collaboration is also still in the works, as Ashe: Warmother is already on its second issue.

Worlds 2019

As the new ranked season starts, we will soon be finding out the venue of the League of Legends World Championship Finals 2019 (Worlds 2019).

A new support champion for 2019?

The judicator Kayle and the fallen angel Morgana will both have their respective reworks throughout the course of 2019 and, finally, new support champion is coming our way. Any guesses on the champ's abilities?


A few days ago, League of Legends released its 2019 ranked promotional video entitled "Awaken,” which captured and hyped up the hearts of millions of Summoners around the world.

A day after its posting, Instagram artist and photographer Aya Shalkar (@aya_shalkar) posted Instagram photos bearing a strange resemblance to Awaken’s Irelia and her facial features.

Riot Games hasn’t released a statement regarding the issue yet, but netizens have mixed reactions over Shalkar’s Instagram post.

Season 2019: A New Journey

League of Legends' newest short looks like an anime opening!

The story revolves around Michelle, a university student who joined a League of Legends team and played her heart out together with new-found friends.

A New Journey encourages players of all shapes and sizes to join the League of Legends by signing up and playing for free.

MaRin now retired

It's official – Jang "MaRin" Gyeong-hwan (장경환) is taking a permanent break from playing League of Legends professionally.

The announcement came from his Twitch stream, wherein MaRin wrote "I'm retiring" while he's live.

More gaming scholarships

Playtonia has teamed up with SRM University in Chennai, India to give away scholarships to gamers in the International Student Rockstar League.

The tournament will have a prize pool of Rs 35 lakhs. But that is not all, top 100 students will get admission at SRM Institute of Science and Technology, and top 5 will get paid internship at a reputed gaming company.


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