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Mogul Weekly Recap - 2/3/2019

Silver Slam: Compete in any of these 16 game titles!

If you want to test your skills, the much awaited Silver Slam holds plenty of tournaments daily to keep your competitive streak burning!

Head on over to the Silver Slam page at https://arena.mogul.gg/silver-slam to look at all the exciting tournaments Mogul has to offer for the whole month of February!

Sneaky in a K/DA group cosplay

League of Legends' ultimate trap king finally cosplays a champion in one of the hottest girl groups in the gaming scene right now.

His latest cosplay of Sneaky pays a tribute to the Daughter of the Void, K/DA Kai'Sa. He cosplays with Lynn and Hana Bunny completing the K/DA group cosplay.

ARURF+ 2019

This year, Riot Games made some tweaks to make everyone's favorite game mode more enjoyable than ever.

The spell "Teleport"has been removed in this game mode. In its place is a huge golden catapult located near each team's Nexus Obelisk.

The two most important jungle objectives, Elder Dragon and Baron Nashor, now spawns faster than the normal game.

For 1250 RP, you can get a slight advantage and additional flairs for ARURF+ 2019. And more!

The ARURF+ event runs for a week, from January 29, 2019 to March 4, 2019.

Play more, win more

The Mogul Silver Slam leaderboard will reward players and teams who actively use the platform. Aside from the great prizes available in each Silver Slam tournaments, participants can have a better chance of winning from heaps of Razer Silver up to real cash the more they play.

The top 1000 point scorers at the culmination of Mogul's Silver Slam on March 3 will be awarded with corresponding points depending on their rank. The top 20 of the leaderboards will receive cash prizes ranging from $200 USD up to $5000 USD!

Mogul's Silver Slam will run from February 5 to March 3, 2019.

R6 Crouch and Lean

Ubisoft is acting upon a “crouch and spam” trick exploited by players after a series of requests and feedback from the Rainbow Six community.

The crouch and lean spam is an exploit where players can move in odd ways through continuously mashing the lean and crouch keys all together.

In a Reddit post, Ubisoft's official community manager account ensured players that they are aware of the rise of players practicing the abuse and they are already designing a fix to be deployed in the future.

Team Secret wins Chongqing Major

One of the most controversial tournaments in the history of Dota 2 has finally concluded, bringing the second round of DPC 2018-19 to an end.

Team Secret walks away with $350,000 and 4950 DPC points. Secret and VP are leading the DPC with 7950 points each, and have secured an invite to TI9.

Patch 7.21 + New Ranked Season

The latest ranked season for Dota 2 has started and patch 7.21 has finally hit the game.

The new ranked season brought in a few changes. The medals have been reset, and the players will have to now recalibrate. But instead of five tiers, each rank will now have seven tiers.

Dota Plus has been updated with new quests and skins. Monkey King, Medusa, Enchantress, and Centaur now have their exclusive Dota Plus skins.

Patch 7.21 is mainly a balance patch ahead of Mars’ release. The way the primary stat works has now been changed. The effects of primary attributes do not grant 25% extra effectiveness. Instead, the primary attribute growth for heroes has been increased by 15%.

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